The new Berkley Urban soul rod is an absolutely adjustable pole that lets you expand the manage grip for additional pole length. This number of rods were created for optimum spreading power for both inserting and rotating for Bass both in the UK and overseas. The rod it self is made from IM7 Carbon filled with Fuji Alconite instructions and a Hi-Grade EVA handle. With a price tag of under £90 it is a good get for several sea and freshwater anglers and makes a good all rounder in you pole artillery.

The performance is great certainly for the money, you can find no edges cut with these types since the IM7 bare performance really pushes through no matter what length you set the rod up to. If you should be a willing plugging or delicate plastic angler then that pole has fantastic activity without losing control over connects when along with Braid. I tested the rod off the stones within my coastal place and even for difficult fighting 5lb Wrasse that pole really has the pulling capacity to pump them up from the depths and through solid weed.

The flexible handle allows you to extend at complete size for great range or small for easy one given underarm casts. The manage features a ruler which is noted in around one centimeter batches for quick adjustment. The rod comes with a handy tailor made hold holdall bag with a padded flexible tie for easy transportation and made from a mild powerful product to lessen touring weight. We have observed already that the Apostles fled and were greatly afraid when Our Master was taken prisoner.

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