1. Bad lighting = bad décor


One of the most vital aspects of any place is lighting. You don't want it to be too dark or too light. Your room or residence may appear to be beautiful at first, but when bright lighting is introduced, it is quickly wrecked. Interior Decorators in Tyler Texas recommend choosing warmer tones for rooms with earthy tones, and lights that are whiter for bold and metallic-themed rooms. 

Not adding enough light is also a big issue. Most rooms don't have enough light for different periods of the day," says one of our experts, interior designer. Our professions bring in at least three lighting sources to provide for ambient and task lighting. Try your lighting at different times of the day. Switch out your bulbs to dimmable LEDs.  

  1. Pushing All the Furniture Up Against the Walls


It's natural to want to stuff a room with couches and dressers before shoving everything against the wall. In some circumstances, especially if space is restricted, this can work. But it's also a pretty common design mistake most people don't even realize they're making. Experienced Interior Designers suggest some interest in the room with a floating couch or a couple of conversation areas. 

Instead of keeping everything separate, you should try to establish cozy seating spaces that encourage people to mingle. Group furniture in front of a focal point, such as a fireplace, is also a great option. Try dividing up a huge or long narrow room with a handful of different seating spaces. 


  1. Adding Too Much Stuff


Adding too many decor accessories (both large and small) can simply make a room look cluttered and messy, which probably isn't what you're going for. It weighs the eye down to have to 'keep stopping' to take in a room that is congested. Avoid making your home renovation too complicated by cramming in too much furniture or adding unnecessary clutter. Evaluate what you definitely require first, and then consider what you desire. This makes prioritizing and keeping clutter to a minimal much easier. Tidy home reflects tidy mind. 


  1. Matching Things Too Perfectly 


While you don't want to just toss random objects and furniture in a room and call it a day, you also don't want to be so concerned with matching and symmetry that the space becomes too matchy-matchy. Real houses are more natural than what you'd find in a showroom. Seek balance rather than symmetry. Create a layered art gallery or a flowing montage of seasonal decorations instead of matching candlesticks on each side of the mantle. 


  1. Adding Area Rugs That Are Too Small


When it comes to decorating, area rugs are frequently the last item on people's minds, yet they are a vital part of the overall look. The appropriate area rug may help anchor a room, define a place, and bring a color palette together. Colors, patterns, and design possibilities are nearly unlimited, so keep your strategy and color palette in mind while selecting your rug. It's also crucial to pick the right rug size for the space. 

Rugs that are too tiny for the room are one of the most common blunders designer's notice.  

If you've made any of these mistakes, fear not! Our Interior designers Tyler Texas has years of experience designing homes and would be happy to solve all your design dilemmas. If you have an interior design project you're looking to start or you have questions you can't find the answers to, come into one of our interior design studio Tyler Texas to chat with a Design Consultant.