Forgetting a password is one of the most common things that almost every user faces. But is it correct to restore I do not know, because of the recovery Google provides many times without any difficulty to the users? Security issues can only be used with password security problems to perform a system recovery process to recover their loss. A Google Account owner also faces similar situations and then encounters problems logging into their Google Account. In these cases, users will need to obtain their Google Account through various methods provided by Google, which may be the phone number or date of birth that they provided when they created the account. But what if one forgets about these options as well, because without these options it is difficult to get a Google account

  1. First, go to your Google Account recovery page at in your preferred browser.
  2. Enter the email address associated with your Google Account in the box you want to recover, then click Next.
  3. Now you'll need to enter the last password you used to sign in to your Google Account or click the "Try Another" link to skip the process.
  4. On the next page you'll see an option to reset your password by phone number, then click on the option "Try one more" because you don't have a phone number to reset.
  5. You will then see an option to reset your password based on your date of birth or security issues.
  6. Enter the new password for the Google Account you selected, then re-enter the same password to confirm.

Contact Google Support for solutions on how to reset your Google Account using your date of birth

  • If a user is unable to reset their Google Account password, they can contact Support for support or visit the Google Support page to get help resetting their password by date of birth. Also, the best part is that the user can call for support 24X7 log in to his Google account again.
  • So this is the complete information on how to reset their Google account password till their date of birth. Thus, for all those users who are unable to reset their account password, they can follow the instructions to manage their account settings accordingly.

If you are unable to perform Google Account recovery date of birth using the above steps, please contact our Google Customer Support team, we're a team of experts who will assist you. Help to fix all kinds of problems with Google in a very easy way.