A testicular injury or kick might occur accidentally or on purpose. For a male, however, it can be one of the most excruciating feelings. But there is a chance that it will not have an impact on sperm production. However, it is also likely that those with testicular injuries could see more severe consequences.  

To provide readers with a thorough understanding of testicular trauma, we have created this post. To make this post informative, Dr. Niren Rao, a well-known urologist who offers the best male infertility treatment in Delhi at Delhi Urology Hospital, has shared his crucial insights. 

What Do You Mean By Testicular Trauma?

The term "testicular trauma" denotes the damage done to the testicles. Sometimes the testicles absorb the shock which comes from any injury without causing any harm. Trauma tears the tissues that protect the testicles and the scrotum. The testicles also make sperm and hormones, and the testicular trauma can interfere with the blood flow.

What Causes Testicular Trauma?

The testicles are surrounded by a fibrous lining, which offers protection. But, at times, the testicular trauma causes injury to the testicles and difficulties in conceiving in the males. Some of those situations are listed below:

  • Accidents

  • Performing risky sports like martial arts

  • Wounds in the testicles

  • A heavy blow against the testicles

These could be some of the reasons for testicular trauma, which leads to male infertility. However, the percentage of male infertility due to testicular trauma in men is very low.

What are the Consequences of a Testicular Trauma?

As mentioned above, testicular trauma does not create problems in men beyond severe pain or inflammation. But if the testicular shock is in great intensity, it leads to a severe injury. The following consequences can occur in such instances:

  • Testicular Rupture: In such situations, the pain is associated with high swelling of the area, fainting, and vomiting.

  • Testicular Torsion: The testicle rotates, and one testicle is usually higher than the other.

  • Displacement of the Testicles: This is very common after a motorcycle accident, which results in loss of sensation in the testicle.

What is the Cure for Testicular Pain?

Most testicular injuries are painful at the initial stage, but they go away in some time. If the pain continues even after an hour, it is best to consult a urologist. Also, if there is swelling in the scrotum, bruising or any injury, seek help from the doctor right away. They may recommend a few tips to minimize testicular pain. These include applying ice to the testicular area to reduce inflammation, avoiding physical activities such as jumping or running or wearing tight underwear.

In any case, it is advised to consult a urologist. They can consider consulting Dr. Niren Rao, the best urologist in Delhi, at the esteemed facility, Delhi Urology Hospital.

If one experiences severe injury due to testicular trauma, which ultimately leads to infertility in men, the expert urologist performs effective treatments which help restore a man’s fertility. These include VASO-Epididymal Anastomosis, PESA, TESA, and Micro-TESSE.

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