Final Fantasy XIV currently has three expansion packs, and the fourth expansion pack Endwalker will be launched in early December. Each expansion averages hundreds of hours of story content, dungeons, cooperation and competition activities, and each time the upper limit is increased by 10 levels. At the same time, it means new professional missions and FFXIV Gil.

Almost as intimidating as the game’s extensive story content is its long list of courses. Final Fantasy XIV has as many as 18 playable classes. Since the current upper limit of each class is 80, Final Fantasy XIV players need to spend a lot of time and FFXIV Gil to reach the highest level of each class. Choosing which profession to focus on first can be a difficult choice, and for players who want to focus on the main storyline of the game, each expansion has a level-locked quest line.

Players need to consider several factors when choosing the first profession to focus on. Some people may want to find a class with the best game style for them, while others may be more interested in the best Final Fantasy XIV work for their favorite characters. Some people may be playing with friends and want to play something complementary in a team environment, while others may just prefer the appearance of weapons and armor of a certain profession. Each job in Final Fantasy XIV has its own unique story. Players seeking a good narrative experience should pay attention to these FFXIV courses, which are known for their excellent storylines.

In Final Fantasy XIV, with so many stories to experience, players may face the burden of choice. Fortunately, with the increase in daily experience points and the incidental content of rewards, players have enough time to upgrade one or two new jobs. At the same time, players can also Buy FFXIV Gil online to prepare for the December release of Endwalker.