The best thing that parents can provide for their children is to help them learn the holy Quran in early ages. It is known that the optimum time to learn anything is the childhood period age as teachings remain in a child's mind for as long as a carving on a stone. As a result, many parents make every effort to teach their children what is beneficial to them. Nothing is more beneficial than learning Quran and Islamic studies.  online quran classes for kids


In Fajr Al-Quran Academy, we have professional young male and female teachers, expert in teaching Quran for kids through effective and interesting methods that makes a child likes the classes and waits for them one after another.


A child can start the beginning level, in which he will learn the Arabic Alphabet in an amazing way so that he can read Arabic letters and words easily and successfully. After that, he will start Quran recitation course, in which, he will learn how to recite juzz 30 from Surat Al-Nas to Surat Al-Nabaa beautifully and smoothly. He will learn The Quran with Tajweed theoretically and applicably. Then, the child will have the choice either to continue reciting the Holly Quran or start memorization course starting again from the beginning of Juzz 30.


  • Quran Recitation

The child learns how to recite the Holy Quran by looking and learns how to apply tajweed rules gradually according to a defined methodology so that he can read the Quran beautifully and smoothly.


  • Quran Memorization

When the child is able to read Quran properly, he can start a memorization course in which he can memorize the whole Quran gradually through a defined methdology. In this programme, the student masters the tajweed of the Quran. We encourage students to do their best by teaching them how it is great to recite and memorize the Holy Quran.


All courses are divided into levels. Fajr Al-Quran grants a certificate for each student who finishes a certain level in all programmes.