A standard tractor is a piece of farm equipment that is useful for a variety of agricultural chores, including planting, cultivating, harvesting, and more. It normally has two axles, a gearbox, a big, powerful engine, and various attachments. Tractors come in a variety of configurations, with two-wheel drives being the most popular. While some standard tractors are available with petrol engines, standard tractors are primarily powered by diesel engines. Depending on the kind, the transmission can be manual or automatic, and the attachments can range from simple ploughs to complex harvesters. Regular tractors can be used for construction, landscaping, and other duties, although they are most frequently utilised in agricultural operations. Tractors are typically built to be trustworthy and durable, and with the right maintenance, they should endure for many years. Even though some models might demand more expertise and understanding than others, they are generally simple to apply. Standard tractors are a common option for farmers and other people who need a straightforward, reliable equipment for their requirements because they are typically more affordable than more specialised ones.