And now we're moving on to the final of the spec's on the list, which is known as the prank Paladin. This is a hybrid retribution type of spec that uses an armor shield as well as a swift combating spell blade WoTLK Classic Gold. This spec is based on the ability to capture Chris with their melee weapon because every whenever they walk by it triggers their art of war which provides them with an incidental flash of light, or an instant test for an additional system to do more damage.

When you pair this with Reckoning that gives them additional swings, allowing for more excursions. The number of off-heels they can test is actually awe inspiring. This bet is without doubt the most reliable support DPS on the planet. The way that the team says they're all feeling is insane when combined with good damage and a huge tooltip to keep their team alive and on target for their child constantly.

Why you'd choose to play a joke Paladin is because you enjoy being a useful player for your team . You can also enjoy doing some decent melee damage. You'll be able to keep yourself and your teammates from situations where they'd normally be killed due to your huge off heels and defenses. It's not a good idea to take part in a training session because their damage is pretty orangey dependent on their reckoning equipment as well as their off fields plus their baseline damage, which isn't very high.

It can be a bit difficult as you'll need a spell blade and an armor shield for tanking to be effective in tandem with some off pieces for a melee. A high-quality product will provide perfect uptime on their kill targets while also making sure that your team is never lagging by the Freedom of any crucial stun.

They will also be keeping their healer out of harm's way and also supplying massive amount of Orefield I'm hoping for a Paladin isn't a great experience and as they come with a lot of cooldowns you must traverse before you're able to get a kill buy WoTLK Gold Classic, moving away from the Paladin and moving to some of the more well-known classes in PvP. This is of course about the mage.