Did you grab the OFF-WHITE x Air Jordan 2 Low just released? As one of the most heavyweight new shoes at the end of the year, this is the last wave of OFF-WHITE joint shoes this year. Friends who grabbed it can really consider wearing a wave this time, because the effect is very good! Do not! mistaken! Today, the editor will bring this joint unboxing and dressing display. Friends who have ideas to start can take a look at the effect of the dress and refer to it~.
Air Jordan 2, which was born in 1986, celebrates its 35th anniversary this year. Although it is not a popular shoe in the entire Air Jordan family, it also has a special status that other members do not have. First of all, Air Jordan 2 is the first luxury sneaker created by Jordan Brand. It is exclusively produced in Italy. Whether it is high-quality materials, sophisticated technology or workmanship, it represents a milestone in the Air Jordan era. At the same time, Air Jordan 2 also accompanied Micheal Jordan to win his career's first dunk contest championship and the first scoring title.
New Jordans Release 2021 In order to commemorate these classic moments of MJ, OFF-WHITE principal Virgil Abloh deliberately selected the joint object as the low-cut Air Jordan 2 Low, which is also one of the first year shoes. Although at first many people thought that the Air Jordan 2 was ugly and unpopular, but with subsequent exposure, more and more people are really fragrant. Among the two colors of white-red and black-blue, because white-red is the classic first year color, it is more popular; the black-blue color is Virgil's innovative interpretation.
The upper is made of high-quality leather, and the superior texture of the upper can be more clearly felt in the black and blue color scheme. Coupled with the collocation of crocodile leather texture leather stitching, further enhance the luxurious temperament of the whole pair of shoes. The MJ handwritten signature is the finishing touch in this OFF-WHITE design. The signature simulation is very realistic and delicate, and it does have the feeling of a marker signature. It is worth mentioning that the white-red and black-blue color signature positions are different. This is to express that if MJ is really allowed to sign, he will sign in a different position for each pair of shoes. The inside of the Nike Shoes body is still printed with a text slogan, which has become one of the most representative elements of the OFF-WHITE joint name. Also highly recognizable by OFF-WHITE is the iconic anti-theft buckle decoration, which uses white and yellow to echo the color of the midsole. In order to restore the original flavor of the early Air Jordan 2, the design team also scanned a pair of white and red Air Jordan 2 signed by Jordan in three dimensions. The irregular cracks and cracks on the midsole truly restore the damaged midsole of the Air Jordan 2 in the first year. The white and red color scheme also changes the midsole to milky white, with its own oxidation and worn-out effect.
In general, the design still maintains the high level of the OFF-WHITE joint name. As for whether it is good or not, it cannot be generalized. After all, the aesthetic standards are different. The effect of the upper foot should be the biggest surprise for the editor of this pair of shoelaces. In the past two years, trousers and sneakers have become a popular wearing trend. This kind of wear requires a pair of sneakers to have the characteristics of high-end, retro, fashionable, low-top, and versatile. Looking at the entire sneaker circle, there are not many choices. OFF-WHITE x Air Jordan 2 Low not only has authentic sneaker pedigree, but also gains fashion genes under the blessing of various elements of OFF-WHITE.
The editor chose a black clothing item this time, and the overall focus is on the New Jordan 1 UK sneakers. By the way, the black hoodie on the upper body of the editor is the favorite and the most seasonal item in the OFF-WHITE x Jordan apparel this time. There are eye-catching Jumpman embroidery logos on the front and back, and the large-scale embroidery on the back is the logo pattern of the main line of OFF-WHITE. The fleece fabric is thick and warm, the fabric is stiff and has a more stylish texture, especially after the upper body, the hat looks fuller, and the suede lining feels very delicate. The classic black and white tones look comfortable and advanced, and the red details of the shoe body are eye-catching without being too detached. Incorporating luxury elements into sneaker design is today's fashion trend. This pair of OFF-WHITE x Air Jordan 2 Low is a bold attempt to reinterpret the unpopular sneakers. In the end, it is more appropriate to describe this pair of shoes with a sentence from the designer of OFF-WHITE x Air Jordan 2 Low:
"The difference between fashion pioneers and those who follow the trend is that when it comes to personal aesthetics, the latter tend to fit the tastes of the masses, while the former dare to be different."