Choose glasses for your child according to fit first and style second. The more comfortable and well-fitting a frame is, the more likely your child will wear it all day. Once you understand your child's size and sizing needs, you can choose slim silhouettes, bright colors and patterns, and which materials will improve durability and scratch resistance. Make these a top priority when you shop to help your child get the perfect picture frame.


How to choose children's glasses

What is the safest, most comfortable, and most durable choice of glasses for children? Explore our answers to questions you should ask when buying glasses for your child.


What should I pay attention to when buying children's glasses?

Children's glasses need to be durable, comfortable and stylish. Many manufacturers make children's glasses with durable acetate, rubber, or nylon to improve impact resistance. These materials also offer superior comfort. Be sure to consider your child's style preferences. Vera Bradley Kids and Nike offer colorful options for children who love to play. It is also valuable to consider the age of the child when buying a picture frame. Younger children can benefit from additional options, such as headbands and ear stops, to hold the glasses in place. Gizmo is a popular children's eyewear brand that offers a variety of styles, including these.