Fireplaces are becoming more and more popular among people, especially the 3D smart atomization fireplaces that have emerged in recent years, with simple, light luxury, and modern styles. The principle of a household 3D atomization fireplace is to turn water into fog with ultrasonic waves, design an appropriate flow with the air duct system, and then use lights to map out the 3D flame. How to install a 3D atomization fireplace?

Steps to install 3D atomization fireplace

1. The concealed embedded 3D atomization fireplace needs to be installed in advance, and the socket is pre-placed in it. The socket should not be installed at the bottom of the pit to prevent accidental overflow and wetting. There must be no negative pressure sucked outward in the pit of the 3D atomization fireplace (otherwise the flame will be sucked backwards instead of floating upwards). If the 3D atomization fireplace has a good fire shape outside the pit, the flame must be sucked backwards when placed in the pit. First, solve the problem of inverted suction in the pit before installation!

2.How to connect the fuel water filling port of the atomized fireplace?

The 3D atomization fireplace intelligent water filling method is more user-friendly, simple and convenient. You only need to insert the water hose into the fireplace water filling port and the portable bucket to automatically add water. The internal liquid level detection device and the CPU computer chip will automatically recognize the water is full. If the water supply is stopped by the instruction, even if it is accidentally added, the CPU computer chip dedicated to the 3D atomization fireplace will issue an overflow protection instruction and stop.

It is the best way to hide a large bucket that can be easily replaced in the pit to replenish water.

3D smart atomization fireplace

3.3D purified water for atomized fireplace

Because the inside of the 3D atomization fireplace adopts a relatively closed special atomizer mechanism to produce fog, it is different from the ordinary garden landscape open fog installation environment, so the 3D atomization fireplace has certain requirements for water quality, and it needs to use purified water.

4. How to connect the water outlet pipe of the water purifier to the water inlet of the 3D atomization fireplace.

Nowadays, they are basically high-rise residential buildings. Generally, the water pressure of households has been double-pressurized. The pressure is 0.3-0.5MPa, which is equivalent to a pressure of 3Kg or more. At least the entry pressure at the end of the house is 0.14MPa or more, which is equivalent to the lowest. Above 1.5Kg pressure.

However, the water inlet pump inside the 3D atomization fireplace can only withstand a pressure within 0.07MPa, which can only withstand a pressure within 0.7Kg. The water purification source of the above pressure cannot be directly connected to the fireplace water inlet, otherwise, high water pressure will Breaking through the water pump diaphragm, there is an abnormal phenomenon in which the 3D atomization fireplace has no instructions for adding water, but the water is automatically forcibly added. The water will run out of control and rush into the fireplace core, causing uncontrollable accidental failures.

The 3D atomization fireplace may be the most popular and environmentally friendly portable fireplace without vents. If you want to install a 3D atomization fireplace, it is best to find a professional fireplace manufacturer to install it. When purchasing a 3D smart atomization fireplace, you must not only judge the quality and price of the household 3D atomization fireplace, but also determine whether there is a high-quality one. After-sales guarantee. If you have more questions about the fireplace, please contact Hangzhou Shinepoch Technology.