As for Reggie "Mr. June" 2K MT Jackson, his playoff performance alone could have lifted him to a minimum over 80 -- which is where he ranks alongside other players such as Keldon Johnson and Jonathan Isaac, who did not lead a team to the Western Conference Finals. In case you've been missing it, Jackson put up 17.8 points per game. He also kept the Clippers team's playoff boat in good shape, draining 48.4 percent of his field goals, and 40.8 percent of his 3s.

Additionally, his buckets came in the form of big-time shots that delivered the energy to the Clippers, or tough shots that acted as the final jab to knock the opposition team over. 80 seems like an insignificant amount for someone who put on a great show for NBA fans.

Although George and Jackson got the most attention While Jackson and George received the most attention, the Clippers scores were close to my expectations, though lower than I expected. This is how they were ranked. You can look on the internet for "best MyCareer build" lists. These are great, but what you really should do is just think of the character you'd like to be and create your character according to that. If you're not planning to compete with the top players in The City, you'll be perfectly content with the design you pick.

Personally, we enjoy playing hard defense (blocks seem to be overpowered in the early stages of this season) as well as creating our teammates as well as hitting the occasional three when defenses sag off. This might not be the right choice your style, so you can play around with the editor to discover something you enjoy. It'll be a lot more enjoyable that way.

One of the main issues that players face when beginning with MyCareer is that they cannot see the floor in enough to earn an "B" or better Teammate Rating. As you begin as low-rated player (unless you decide to spend money in Virtual Currency), you're just going to get a couple of minutes.

This lets you accrue more Buy NBA 2K MT Coins stats. Head into your Settings and choose the Quarter Length option. You'll get more time on court than you're able to handle by setting this option to either 10 or 12. This gives you a big VC boost, so that you can upgrade your player's performance even faster.