North Indian Delicacies: Tandoori Wonders


The North Indian cuisine boasts iconic non-vegetarian dishes that have gained global acclaim. Tandoori delights, such as Chicken Tikka and Seekh Kebabs, showcase the art of marination and clay-oven cooking. The smoky flavors infused into meats like lamb and chicken create a taste sensation that is both aromatic and satisfying.


Mughlai Extravaganza: Biryanis and Kebabs


The Mughal influence has left an indelible mark on Indian cuisine, especially in the realm of non-vegetarian dishes. Mughlai biryanis, like the famous Lucknawi or Hyderabadi varieties, are a fragrant blend of basmati rice, succulent meat, and aromatic spices. Accompanied by kebabs like Galouti and Shami, Mughlai cuisine takes the taste buds on a royal journey.


Spices of the West: Goan and Maharashtrian Marvels


Moving towards the west, the coastal regions of Goa and Maharashtra introduce a spicy twist to non-vegetarian delights. Goan Fish Curry with its tangy tamarind base and the fiery Vindaloo are seafood enthusiasts' delights. In Maharashtra, the fiery Kolhapuri chicken and coastal Malvani fish curry showcase the rich use of local spices and coconut.


Southern Spice: Chettinad and Kerala Specialties


The southern part of India is a treasure trove of non-vegetarian culinary wonders. Chettinad cuisine from Tamil Nadu is renowned for its aromatic Chicken Chettinad and spicy mutton preparations. Kerala, on the other hand, offers a delectable array of seafood dishes like Alleppey Fish Curry and traditional Malabar biryanis that highlight the coastal bounty.


Eastern Elegance: Bengali Fish Feast


The eastern part of India, particularly Bengal, is synonymous with exquisite fish preparations. Mustard-infused Hilsa fish in Bhapa or the classic Fish Curry and Rice are integral to Bengali non-vegetarian meal plans. The use of mustard oil and a blend of five spices known as 'panch phoron' add a unique touch to these dishes.


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