Men and women from all over the world are considering the idea of laser hair removal to get rid of hair on their bodies. The comfort of not having to shave or wax the hair every few days is incomparable. Not only is the procedure painless, but it also reduces the expenditure on other hair removal techniques. Over the years, there has been a rise in the popularity of laser hair removal procedures as they allow individuals to live hair-free for a long period of time. Since the laser system has become technologically advanced, many individuals are unaware of the wonderful results it offers and the ability to eliminate hair from most areas of the face.


In this article, we will discuss a list of areas on the face that can be treated with laser hair removal. The insights used to create this post have been taken from the references shared by the laser experts at The Glo Medispa Clinic, which offers the best laser hair removal in Ludhiana


What is Laser Hair Removal Treatment for the Face?


Laser hair removal of the face is one of the most common cosmetic procedures opted for by both men and women. The pigment known as melanin is found in the hair follicles and is absorbed when concentrated light is directed towards them. This causes damage to the hair follicles, destroying them and preventing their regrowth.


The idea behind laser hair removal for the face is to work on the theory of targeting the hair follicles, which are in the active stage. The type of laser chosen is based on the thickness and color of the hair as well as the color and sensitivity of the skin. Lasers have a unique feature that allows for selective targeting. One can target coarse, dark hair without causing harm to the surrounding skin. Any area of the face can be treated except the eyelids, eyebrows, and surrounding areas. One can achieve an expert 80–90% reduction of hair on the face after 3–7 sessions.


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Which Areas of the Face Can Be Targeted During Laser Hair Removal Procedure?


The following are the areas that can be targeted during a laser hair removal procedure:


  1. Neck


Women who experience facial hair need to constantly get them waxed to stay hair-free. With laser hair removal, one can get rid of hair on their neck. In addition to women, a lot of men are adopting laser hair removal to have a clean look. Additionally, this procedure also helps in the removal of shaving bumps and ingrown hairs. Depending on the amount of hair, the procedure is safe and requires five to six sessions, depending on the severity of the hair. 


  1. Chin


Chin is a popular area for men with thick beards. Some men desire to get their beards to look thinner so that they do not have to shave their hair more often. Reducing the density of hair can eliminate skin irritation, as one does not have to go over the same area again with the lasers.


  1. Upper Lips


The upper lips are one of the most common areas for unwanted facial hair. If women get laser hair removal on their upper lips, they do not have to bear the pain of threading or waxing. The procedure is effective and can offer long-lasting results in a few sessions. The session is also quick, lasting around 15 minutes at most.


  1. Side Locks


Side locks are another area where individuals, particularly women, seek laser hair removal to achieve a cleaner appearance. The procedure is quick, and there is less discomfort associated with the procedure. Since the hair growth patterns vary, additional sessions would be needed over time.


  1. Full Face


A lot of individuals opt for full-face laser hair removal to address hair growth in several facial areas. This can include treating the upper lips, side locks, cheeks, etc. in a single session. The duration of a full-face treatment varies but can be completed within 30–60 minutes.


What Instructions Are Suggested to Prepare for Facial Laser Hair Removal?


When one decides to undergo a laser hair removal procedure, they will be given a set of instructions on how to prepare for the treatment. These instructions include, as below:


  1. Staying Away from the Sun


One must stay away from sunlight in order to protect the hair follicles of the face. Avoid excessive sun exposure for six weeks before the laser hair removal treatment. Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen daily so that the skin remains smooth and protected.


  1. Avoid Other Methods of Hair Removal


Laser specialists always recommend avoiding using different methods of hair removal on the skin. These include avoiding waxing, plucking, electrolysis, etc. They should be avoided for almost four weeks before the treatment.


  1. Trimming


Trimming is a must before laser hair removal treatment on the face. This is done to remove the hair from the face. Trimming is advised before the treatment, as the hair is removed from the face and is good for the treatment.


  1. Avoid Blood Thinning Medicines


Do not use blood-thinning medicines or any tablets before undergoing laser hair removal treatment. It is advised to consult the dermatologist on what medications should be avoided before taking the treatment.


Final Takeaway


Laser hair removal is a widely accepted procedure since it is painless and non-invasive. It effectively eliminates hair from different areas of the face, such as the chin, neck, side locks, cheeks, etc. Additionally, one can also get rid of hair on their arms, legs, stomach, back, bikini area, etc. So, if one wants to get rid of the unwanted hair on their body and wants to achieve smooth, hair-free skin, they can consider opting for laser hair removal.


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