On November 9, EA Sports added a new set of team building challenges (SBC) to the FIFA 22 Ultimate Team for Mid Icon Miroslav Klose. Players can get this item through the SBC menu in the game.

The Mid Icon Klose card was originally released in FIFA 21 on August 31, but this month it only won the SBC with the 85-level Jay-Jay Okocha in FIFA 22. Klose is a former attacker, he is considered one of the best forwards of his generation and holds the record for the most goals scored in the FIFA World Cup.

The 89-level mid lane idol Klose has three-star running position and four-star weak foot high skills, such as his 87-level shooting, 83-level speed and 81-level dribbling. His only low skill is his 42-level defense. If the player applies the hunter chemistry style, the player will Buy FIFA 22 Coins increase his speed and shooting, which makes his meta game skills more powerful. It can even maximize his finishing ability and volley data.

If the player gets this card, it will establish close ties with legendary players from all over the world, such as Pele at level 98 and Zidane at level 96. This version of Klose costs about 174,000 FUT Coins on PlayStation, 185,000 on Xbox, and is a bit more expensive on PC, about 232,000 FUT Coins. Since it is an Icon card, it is normal to expect such a high price, but as far as his skills are concerned, the price is still very reasonable.

The Mid Icon Klose SBC will be available before December 8. If the player wants to complete it, the player must turn in a total of six teams: Born Legend, Rising Star, Die Roten, League Legend, League Finesse and Salto-Klose. There are many teams to complete, but if the player starts early, the player will have more than two months to complete all the work.

It also costs the player a lot of money, so if the player wants this card, save the player's FIFA 22 Coins to build some squads. According to FUTBIN, a website that specializes in FIFA content, this is currently the cheapest solution to complete Mid Icon Miroslav Klose SBC. If players urgently need a large amount of FIFA 22 Coins, they can visit UTnice to purchase.