Recently, 2021 Yeezy Boost made the headlines in the mainstream media for the participation of citizens in his hometown of Virginia's Seven Ways area. However, in terms of sneakers, this multi-character makes fans very interested in his Adidas Humanrace Sičhona silhouette, which will soon be available in black, pink and gray colors. This newly launched sneaker is different from the previous vibrant green, blue and burgundy styles. Its Primeknit upper and futurennature sole maintain a basically consistent makeup. Black laid the foundation for Adidas' sock-like design. The text "Humanrace" on the side is light pink, and the "Three Stripes" on the tongue is light gray. The laces of these two shoelaces are also dominated by gray, although there is no indication that they have a reflective finish; other laces are included in the box to provide a contrasting sky blue hue. Under the foot, the latest Adidas tooling solution is mixed with its upper in more than one way, with the "HUMANRACE" mode, running the length of the outsole.

Over the years, Menairshoes has been celebrating Ishod Wair, creating Dunk low and "Orange Label" Bruin specifically for this respected skater. Soon, he will receive his signature shoe: simply named Nike SB Ishod. Although it has not been officially announced, the retailer’s ishod logo silhouette photos have been leaked. It is probably the same model, and its design incorporates different influences. Some people compare it to Force 58. However, although it may have some similarities with the latter, its paneling is much more unique because it has a more sleek one-piece toe box and wave-covered mesh inserts. In addition, the side check of the trademark has been removed and replaced by a backward version with a few spaces back. The smaller embroidered logo is then worn on the forefoot and heel, adding more red accents to the earth tone dominating the base.

Maison Kitsuné has only worked with some footwear. But in each product, the brand effortlessly draws a line between luxury and sports, and through their own French and Japanese lenses, many of the brand's flagship products shine. Here, Puma's products take the Dr Marten Boots helm for the second time, adding a sense of elegance. In addition to the casual sportswear engraved with the brand's iconic fox logo, the series also includes a reverse bomber, poncho, windbreaker and overalls, all of which are completely different from the regular selection of the shoe brand. In contrast, this shoe is more focused, using only Suede Crepe and Mirage Sport. The latter, as its name implies, is a visually busy trainer made of mesh, suede, and similar, colored with shades of brownish-yellow and shades of blue. On the contrary, the iconic suede silhouette is heavier in the aforementioned earth tones, applying it to the entire building to complement the crepe bottom. Stripes in the form of watercolor, and then, the accent side, is just next to the embroidered fox.

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