Reflective paint is a special paint material used in many industries to paint surfaces that need to reflect light. A distinctive feature of the paint is the ability to dry quickly, even if the climate conditions are aggressive and extreme.

Aerosol reflective paint is the most widely used. Any surface can be painted with this composition. Application of this type of paints does not require special skills, it is carried out quickly enough. Another advantage - after the purchase, the paint in spray cans is immediately ready for use.

Compositions with luminous properties are used to solve many problems:

marking on cars;
painting helmets for cyclists and motorcyclists;
creation of markings on the territory of enterprises;
decoration of facades;
designation of signs on the road, track surfaces.

The more cars appear on the roads, the more popular paints belonging to this group become. Thanks to the reflective composition, road traffic becomes safe at any time of the day, for all road users.

Most often, materials of this group are applied to external facades or to protruding parts of structures. The reflective pigment in the composition is the main distinguishing feature of such paints. Therefore, there is no need to use additional decorative layers. It is sufficient to use a white primer before applying the reflective paint itself. Liquid formulations require only preliminary mixing.