As snow blankets the land and the Northern Lights paint the sky, New World players are in for a treat with the Winter Fusion Festival. The festival brings the enigmatic snowman, Winter Wanderer, into the world, but beware – the wicked Winter Soldier and his forces seek to plunge the world into eternal winter. Ice caves and formidable Yeti foes have emerged, challenging players. Yet, the event offers new activities such as retrieving lost gifts and enhancing the Tree of Light through town projects. And if you're looking to acquire New World Gold, you're in the right place.

Fusion Shop Reputation

Winter Wanderer's Fusion Shop offers a range of event items, obtainable in exchange for Winter Tokens. However, many items are initially locked behind reputation levels, much like the faction reputation system in New World. Let's explore how you can improve your Fusion Shop reputation and even earn event reputation points.

Unlocking Shop Levels

The Wanderer Shop has five levels during the Winter Festival, each unlocking more items for sale. Here are the levels and their requirements:

  1. Revelers - Starting point for everyone.
  2. Master of Ceremonies - Requires 1,000 Reputation.
  3. Merrymaker - Requires 3,000 Reputation.
  4. Joybringer - Requires 6,000 Reputation.
  5. Holiday Regent - Requires 10,000 Reputation.

Winter Fusion Festival Events

To advance in the Wanderer's Shop rankings, players must engage in three available activities that grant unique rewards and reputation points. These activities can be repeated as often as you like, and daily tasks can also provide reputation boosts.

1. Lost Gift Recovery:

Easily accessible, this event tasks players with recovering lost gifts scattered throughout the Eternal Lands. The story suggests that the Cold Clan has been swiping gifts, some of which are left on the ground. By collecting and delivering these gifts to holiday cabins in the winter villages, you'll earn Winter Tokens and 5 reputation points for each recovered gift. This method is great for accumulating reputation points rapidly.

2. Amethyst Collection:

Occurring only at night, meteorites rain down from the sky. These dynamic events allow players to harvest valuable minerals from the meteors and search for smaller chunks in the impact area. You can exchange the obtained Gleamite for more tokens and reputation at the Holiday Cabin.

3. Fusion Spirit:

During the Winter Fusion Festival, players can join a unique town project accessible in any settlement. As a group effort, you can complete quests to upgrade your settlement's Tree of Light. Enhancing the tree will improve daily gifts, obtainable from the tree, and they reward both reputation and tokens. Additionally, players at level 60 can acquire Diamond Gypsum during the first three interactions with Diamond Gypsum, which can be utilized to craft Gypsum Balls, valuable items that boost expertise on specific items.

Potential Reputation Farming Methods

For those looking to maximize their ranking in the Winter Walker Store during this limited-time event, the quickest method seems to revolve around lost gift recovery. These gifts are scattered all over the map, and players gain 5 Reputation Points for each one they retrieve. Given the constant availability of gifts, players can accumulate a substantial amount of reputation, unlike Gleamite events that only occur at night and specific locations.

Another daily task is to visit each winter village. Winter Wanderer places one gift in each location, known as the "Gift Bag of Plenty," which you can obtain once daily. Each Daily Gift adds a hefty 125 Reputation Points to your tally, making it possible to earn 500 Reputation Points daily if you collect all four gifts.


The Winter Fusion Festival in New World brings an array of exciting activities to participate in and items to acquire through Winter Tokens. By focusing on reputation-boosting activities like lost gift recovery and daily visits to winter villages, you can quickly progress through the Wanderer's Shop rankings. So, whether you're seeking New World Gold or want to Buy New World Gold, these methods will help you on your journey to becoming a Holiday Regent.