Male side effects of trestolone acetate include causing acne, hair loss, and body hair growth. If you don't have the hair loss gene you don't have hair loss, if you have the hair loss gene it's just a matter of time, the drugs just speed it up, Tretolone is 7a, so DHT, which can't be reduced to 5a, avoids the bad effects on the prostate and the male features of hair and skin. But there is a certain chance of occurrence, after all, to play a game of internal endocrine.

Tretolone has a negative effect on cholesterol, raises LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol), inhibits good cholesterol, raises blood pressure some problems, so it is extremely important to control cholesterol levels, especially when using Ai aromatics inhibitors, it can also negatively affect cholesterol, the best way to control cholesterol and high blood pressure is a healthy lifestyle is important: Exercise regularly, reduce sodium intake in foods, eat as clean as possible, take dietary supplements of fish oil Omega unsaturated fatty acids, and avoid saturated fats and simple sugars (fast carbohydrates).

These are particular, please find professionals to guide the use of all anabolic products to inhibit their own testosterone secretion, although it is the only anabolic steroid that does not rely on exogenous testosterone, but there is still some suppression of the central nervous system, the reason for its mechanism of action, then you need PCT to restore their own male hormone testosterone is a key rapid activation (guarantee effect link), Failure to recover properly can lead to health problems, such as low testosterone, and some of the problems associated with low testosterone, as well as the loss of hard-worked muscle mass and the dominance of cortisol in fat storage. Resuming the use of tamoxifen clomiphene to speed up your recovery process, involves too many professional things, can not be made clear one by one, tritorone can be used alone, more are mixed, anabolic play is the overlap. Trestolone acetate is mildly toxic to the liver, so it's recommended to protect the liver, but it's pretty minimal compared to taking it orally.