After purchasing bio ethanol fireplaces, many of our users often do not know which ethanol fuel to choose and purchase during use, and sometimes they also purchase non-ethanol fuel or low-quality ethanol fuel, which causes the damage of smart bio ethanol fireplace accessories.

Today, I will tell you about the fuel usage of this bio ethanol fireplace.


The fuel used in bio ethanol fireplaces is usually bio-ethanol, that is, bioethanol produced from grain, which is the best choice.

It has the following advantages:


1. It will not cause damage to the pipes inside the bio ethanol fireplace and the dosing and drainage pump


2. The flame after burning is very beautiful and beautiful


3. There will be no toxic and harmful gases, safe and environmentally friendly, green and healthy


What happens if it is non-edible ethanol fuel?


If it is non-edible ethanol fuel, it is industrial ethanol. There will be the following situations.

Purchase bio ethanol fireplaces


1. The flame effect of the bio ethanol fireplace is not beautiful, and blue flames appear.


2. The bio ethanol fireplace smells after burning,


3. After the bio ethanol fireplace is turned off, a pungent smell will appear. It is not environmentally friendly and not beautiful, and it will pollute the indoor air.


If the bio-ethanol fireplace uses low-degree ethanol, there will be a slight "pop-pop" popping sound when the alcohol burns, and a small amount of water will accumulate in the combustion tank after the flame is extinguished.


So how do we buy and identify this edible ethanol fuel?


First, purchase edible ethanol from a formal factory with a formal label description and a qualified manufacturer’s brand name.


Second, soak the filling tube in ethanol for 3-5 minutes to check whether the filling tube is dissolved and sticky.


Third, after refueling the bio ethanol fireplace, the bio ethanol fireplace can be used normally and turned on and off for the first time, but the burning time is not long. If the bio ethanol fireplace is turned on again for the second time, the working pump of the bio ethanol fireplace cannot spray ethanol to The fireplace burns to work.


When the bio ethanol fireplace is replaced with a new pump, it will continue to damage the filling pump if it is used again. The taste of ethanol is different from qualified alcohol, so this type of ethanol must not be used! Qualified edible ethanol must be purchased, and bio ethanol fireplaces must be extracted or discharged


After all the low-quality ethanol in it, add water to clean the fuel tank before refilling it for use.

When purchasing bio ethanol fireplaces, it is recommended that all users can consult and find out purchases locally. Here again, we remind users and sellers to pay attention to purchasing qualified ethanol fuel for bio ethanol fireplaces, and do not purchase low-quality ethanol to avoid occurrences. The damage to the bio ethanol fireplace accessories causes unnecessary after-sales.

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