Fireplaces are indoor heating devices that are independent or built on the wall. They can be divided into open side fireplaces and closed fireplaces. Both are commonly used gas fireplaces. What are the characteristics of open side fireplaces? What is the difference between the two?

Wood-burning and gas fireplaces are designed to be enclosed, mainly to improve thermal efficiency. Another purpose of the gas wall is designed to be closed is that the intake and combustion exhaust gas can be completed through a double-layer pipeline.

All fireplaces in Europe must be in accordance with the European Union's EN 13240 standard, which provides people with the protection of life and property safety. The power and smoke emission efficiency measured in the laboratory allow consumers and professionals to compare products.

Some people think that closed fireplaces are safer than open side fireplaces. This is a misunderstanding. It should be reminded that the glass windows and furnace bodies of enclosed gas and wood burning fireplaces are very hot. If directly touched, it is easy to burn. In fact, open side fireplaces are like open flames on the stove, and you are unlikely to touch them most of the time.

3D smart atomization fireplace

Therefore, open gas fireplaces are theoretically safer than closed gas fireplaces, with higher technological content, and of course the subsequent price will be more expensive, but what is interesting is that the thermal efficiency of open side fireplaces is not as high as that of closed gas fireplaces. .

Then why do customers spend more money to buy open side fireplaces with lower thermal efficiency?
First of all, the exhaust performance is good. When the heating waterway is circulating, the internal air must be cleaned, otherwise it will affect the heat exchange and even form a water resistance, which will seriously affect the use of the wall-hung boiler. Due to the characteristics of the structure itself, the exhaust performance of an open side fireplace is much better than that of a closed fireplace.

Secondly, whether it is an open side fireplace or an electric fireplace, the openness and inclusiveness and interaction with people represented by its structure are much better than that of a closed gas fireplace. The deep meaning comes out. This perfect structure constitutes The moderate height, open and inclusive "black space" (furnace) brings a sense of mystery, unique material contrast, handicraft, artistry and sense of history.
Then, the price is different. Due to the difference in functions, shapes and materials of the parts used, the overall price of an open side fireplace is lower than that of a closed fireplace. To

The important thing is that this kind of open side fireplace has become a symbol of an elegant home, and it plays a big role in balancing and making the room symmetrical. Most modern people like minimalist style, so the gas fireplace with contemporary style is very popular in interior design.

The above are the characteristics of open side fireplaces. Relatively speaking, as a gas fireplaces, open side fireplaces are more popular with designers than closed fireplaces. Both types of fireplaces have their own advantages. In fact, no matter how you choose, the final choice must be based on your actual use situation, housing situation and community environment, etc., and listen to the opinions of professionals for installation.

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