You'll easily be able to do 1k, I've OSRS GP not attempted to complete more than a few inventories at a time using mine, so I'm unable to give you a precise timeframe for the time it would take to complete 1k, but I expect to take no more than two hours. It will require two marrentil bottles and one tinderbox to light the burners. If there are many people around, however, the burners may still be lit. Look for smoke rising from the burners.

If there's none, you can click the burner and ignite it. This will use 1 marrentil. You can also ignite the burner by pressing the second button which will use all remaining marrentil. You will still have your tinderbox, it doesn't get used up! Once the burners are in place, you can use the bones with the altar one at a time (use instead of burying!). There will be a brief animation of the bone disappearing and get a message saying "the gods are extremely pleased" to let you know that you've done it right.

I am training my Attack and Defence levels, ranging from 60 to 70. In the meantime, I'm trying determine which is the more efficient. Training with the various attacking options. I.e. I.e., train Attack with accuracy and defend with Defensive.

Is it faster training both of them using the Controlled Option? Which weapon should I choose if the Controlled Option is quicker? I am currently F2P. So whats the better method of training? One skill at a time (one at a time)) or controlled (train all the skills). The goal is to cease training Attack and Defence one they hit 70 and then only work on Strength, and then become an Barrows Pure.

The msb runs a bit quicker however not much. It takes approximately three shots to hit a dark bow with the msb. However, because the darkbow fires 2 arrows at the time, your opponent's number of arrows would be one. You'll hit harder with the dark bow or black d’hide but not necessarily.

I'd prefer to go with the cheap OSRS gold dark bow since it will hit higher and give more exp. Just remember to utilize the msb when in areas with a lot of people, as I've heard that some people could take your monster away due to the time difference when using the d bow.