The Rulebreakers promo is about to end in FIFA 22. The promo brought some great cards that will continue to be used in the next few months, while others should probably remain in the FUT 22 Coins planning committee.

The second team of the Rulebreakers promotion will end on Friday, November 12th at 1:00 PM Eastern Time. The promotion seems to be about to end on the upcoming Friday, and there is currently no information on whether there will be a period when the two teams will gather after the second team leaves.

EA seems to have rebounded after a lackluster RTTKO promotional video made fans want more. Some excellent cards were released from various leagues. Since the market is also low, all these cards are available in terms of price. According to FUTBIN, as of November 9, no Rulebreakers card has more than 800,000 coins. In addition, players have the opportunity to receive special cards, as well as cards that players don't often see.

These cards can be used in FIFA 22 metadata. For example, the Premier League has a new set of top defenders in CDM Frank Onyeka and Maxwell Cornet, each of whom has less than 90,000 coins. The Marco Verratti SBC item is a great value card that will Buy FUT Coins appear on many PSG teams before the player becomes the best team of the season.

EA SPORTS did a better job in this promo, including unique cards and making them usable. Although some cards are famous for many special cards from the past, there are at least enough new cards to balance them. In addition, players can also spend a little money to buy secure FIFA 22 Coins from UTnice, and then buy the player cards they want in the game to enhance their team's strength.