Unique in-game benefits that can't be acquired through normal gaming What do I mean by this? It's not the possibility of RS gold buying tradable goods, XP and bonus XP. Or gear that has similar stats, but with an entirely different look. These have been in the game since the beginning, and won't be taken off in the event that RWT is eliminated completely from the game. In particular, I'm talking about the following:

Skilling Outfits: These costumes boost XP gains for all players up to 6 percent. They can be obtained through gameplay: Firemaking and Thieving. RWT: Smithing and Crafting Herblore. Prayer, Divination. Summoning. Cooking. Unobtainable Agility Fletching, Agility.

Although bonus xp is an integral part of SOF, there's an important distinction between straight bonus XP and permanent outfits that boost your skill. The majority of these outfits can be obtained through minigames and other games. The outfits form a significant element of the motivation to play minigames such as Temple Trekking or Great Orb Project. A lot of buy OSRS gold players like collecting the outfits as a kind of content that is completed. This detracts greatly from the accomplishment of acquiring a skilling attire.