Now, we can go back eight years to OSRS gold go up to date with the Evolution of Combat Update. The update rebalances the triangle of combat. The three classes of combat are no longer "arguably identical" but they are definitely balanced. Jagex developers decided to abandon the formula for combat 138 (which saw the maximum combat level rise from 126, to 138 with Summoning) Instead, they decided to install the current/past (depending how far in the future you are looking). The 200 formula treats the classes as equal. For instance, a player with 99 Ranged and 99 Defence will have the same combat level as a player who has 99 Magic and 99 Defence. Problem fixed, right?

It's pretty Much. The 200 system isn't perfect (the most significant issue is that prayer is not taken into account) but it is superior to the old system when it comes to scaling players. But, the 200 calculation suffered from something it could not avoid the issue of nostalgia.

A lot of the responses to polls were motivated by nostalgia. The nostalgia of players growing in the era of certain combat strategies is the reason they want it to continue. But nostalgia is not an excuse to not take action. There are other reasons you might vote for the number 138, which aren't related to buy RuneScape Mobile gold nostalgia. Another reason I have for choosing the 138 is familiarity. This is odd considering that the 200 calculation has been in the game well over a decade.