Medical underpad is a very broad name, including medical posture cushion, medical mid-range, medical posture cushion is a medical underpad developed and produced according to different parts of the patient. The function of the posture cushion for each part is different. There are head cushions and shoulder pads. Pads, upper and lower limb elevation pads, heel pads, etc. What are the functions of medical underpads? Let's take a look at the advantages of medical underpads!

1. Ensure hygiene

Because the use of medical underpads can ensure good hygiene. First of all, some patients in the hospital have difficulty going to the toilet on their own. It is difficult to do many things autonomously, and the caregiver must pay special attention. However, for the sake of the patient’s hygiene, they may have to change the sheets from time to time, and take care of them. The patient's person is also very tired and may not have too much energy to worry about these, so it is necessary to use a medical underpad.

2. Convenience

The medical underpad is made of cotton and polymer compounds. It has excellent water absorption. In addition, it also has good absorption of urine and sweat other than water. Therefore, when the patient is lying on the bed and cannot take care of himself You might as well try a medical mat, which saves you the trouble of changing bed sheets, so medical mats are also commonly used nursing tools for many patients' families.

medical underpads

3. Protect the patient

When the medical underpad is used, the degree of cleanliness of the patient can be well ensured, so that for some patients, there may be wounds and the hygienic cleanliness of the wound can be ensured, so that the healing of the wound can be better guaranteed. Therefore, the patient is the most delicate, and it is our duty to protect the patient better. It is inevitable to choose a suitable medical underpad for the patient.

4. The use of medical underpads

Adult medical underpads can be used with adult diapers. Generally, after putting on adult diapers and lying on the bed, it is necessary to put an adult medical underpad between the person and the bed to prevent the bed linen from being soiled. Whether it is an adult medical underpad or an adult diaper, it must have a large absorption capacity, and the absorption capacity is determined by the absorbent beads and fluff pulp. Take Ziniu as an example. Large suction volume is its advantage, because it uses more water-absorbing beads and virgin fluff pulp to ensure greater urine absorption.

The above is a related introduction about the functions of medical underpads and the advantages of medical underpads. The choice of medical underpads is actually very important. Bad medical underpads can cause great damage to the skin. Choose a water-absorbing and soft surface layer. It makes the skin feel more comfortable; the absorbent core adopts imported high molecular polymer, which is not easy to reverse osmosis, and can effectively divert urine. The surface texture can absorb urine faster, achieve dryness and comfort, soft and wear-resistant, and avoid penetration.

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