The popularity of bicycles is already a part of life, so in the process of using bicycles, you will encounter various problems. Now, let's take a look at the disassembly process of the Power Drive Chain:

1. Make sure the chain is tight.

2. Find special connecting rivets and avoid breaking the chain there.

3. Align the drive pin of the chain tool with the rivet along a straight line and make sure that they are in contact.

4. After aligning the drive pin with the rivet head, rotate the handle firmly, and then slowly remove the rivet from the front panel and partially penetrate the rear panel.

5. To avoid slack in the chain, move it to the largest front and rear sprockets, and then move it to the smallest gear so that it surrounds the derailleur pulley.

6. On the link chain, the main link will have a pair of unique side panels, the color of which may be different from other links.

7. Place the pliers on the main link so that one head is placed on the outside of the main link pin and squeeze it in the direction of the arrow on the side plate.

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