Due to the many bugs and vulnerabilities of the developers trying to manage the game, New World has been going through a series of changes since its release. In a developer post on November 2, the studio stated that the game’s open world PvP will undergo some major changes. The most important of these changes is to change the PvP mark New World Coins rewards and some exciting new tasks.

In addition to these new tasks aimed at increasing the diversity of PvP, now marking PvP will generate more rewards. This is especially true for those who have reached level 60. According to the developers, there are several short-, medium-, and long-term changes to PvP marking. Two changes in the short term should help. The first is that the developer will increase the player's luck when being flagged.

Secondly, they will reduce the durability damage to the equipment when being marked, which will slightly reduce the risk of being marked, especially in terms of the final game equipment maintenance cost. In the medium term, developers will also adjust the PvP kill reward to 60 so that they can increase the player's high watermark even more. I am looking forward to a new open world event for a long time, and mark players can participate. They hope to stimulate and reward some small-scale participation of the entire Aeternum.

The official post went on to talk about the New World Gold developers' reflections on war and territorial control. Each of these mostly comes from the positive sentiments of the developers, however, some changes in tax distribution are expected and some adjustments to the war will be made in the near future. This means that if players want to achieve better performance in the game, it is very necessary to accumulate a large amount of New World Coins in advance. NewWorldCoins is currently holding promotional activities, welcome to visit!