According to the different structure and connection mode of the spring system of mixed mattress,the spring system of mixed mattress can be divided into ordinary independent spring system,chain spring system,open spring system,pocket spring system,double-layer composite spring and so on.

Common independent spring system of mixed mattress

Ordinary independent spring system is the most traditional spring in the history of spring system of mixed mattress reform.  Its basic structure is a closed single spring group connected by spring threading steel wire.  It has the advantages of simple production process,low requirements for manufacturing equipment and firm structure.

Interlocking spring system of mixed mattress

The interlocking spring system of mixed mattress is characterized by a continuous spring group penetrated by a steel wire,which is the product of large-scale production of spring bed core.  The basic structure of the utility model is a continuously wound three-dimensional steel wire body,which is connected by a spring steel wire.  The utility model has the advantages of high production efficiency,large steel wire cost,breast augmentation and good overall elasticity of the spring.  The disadvantage is that the mutual interference of springs is strong,and the steel wire winding is easy to make noise.  The improved longitudinal spring threading technology makes up for the defects of mutual interference to a certain extent,but also sacrifices a certain overall stability and has an impact on the adhesion of the human body.

Open spring system of hybrid mattress

The birth of the open spring system marks the change of the manufacturing concept of the implantation core to the direction of "people-oriented".  Its basic structure is an open monomer spring group connected by a spring threading steel wire.  Due to the opening of the ring mouth of the single spring,although the connection mode is still through spring steel wire connection,the elastic degree of freedom of the single spring is greatly increased.  The utility model has the advantages of good human body adhesion and full elasticity.

Pocket spring system for mixed mattress

Pocket spring system is the most representative spring system of hybrid mattress at present.  The utility model abandons the traditional spring connection mode and is connected by an open monomer spring loaded into a pocket.  The connection mode is changed from rigid connection to flexible connection.  The change of connection mode enables each single spring to rebound freely according to the pressure carried,and there is no involvement between them.  The utility model has the advantages of excellent human body adhesion,independent support of single spring,and no interference between two people lying down.  The independent pocket spring system of mixed mattress has more complex production process and higher cost than the ordinary spring system of mixed mattress,so the price is slightly more expensive,but it is also obvious to human health.

Double layer composite spring system of mixed mattress

The double-layer composite spring system is composed of the above different spring,which can often learn from each other and obtain better comprehensive characteristics.  For example,Foshan Yishen Furniture Company's latest double-layer spring middle spring is composed of upper and lower spring groups with different characteristics.  The upper layer is a spring group composed of more than 2000 precision flexible bag springs,which accurately fits the curve of the human body; The lower layer is a support base composed of high elastic independent spring groups,which makes the plane support stronger.  The utility model has the advantage that the two functions of support and comfort are perfectly combined on the spring system of mixed mattress.  The disadvantage is that the thickness of the mattress is high and some bed frames can not be matched.

The above is an introduction to the spring system of mixed mattress.  For more details,you can log in to Foshan Yishen Furniture Company's official website.


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