You may have noticed that the Chiefs didn't attempt a punt in Week 4. In actuality, it was the fourth time that two teams played together for Mut 22 coins no punts in NFL history thanks to the Chiefs winning over Philadelphia.

The main reason I bring it up is that the Chiefs punter might be interested in taking a break and planning on taking off this week. For that matter, Bills punter Matt Haack might also want to consider taking a day off. There aren't many punts made Sunday night, considering that this game is a battle between two of top scoring NFL teams. Each of the Chiefs and Bills have recorded 33.5 points per game this season and is tied for second place in the league.

Both teams sport an offensive that is extremely high scoring. It's likely to depend on which defense is better. The Kansas City defense is in a way unfairly compared with Kansas City's. The one is superior to both, which almost seems unfair.

On the Chiefs their final day they've been unable to stop any player this season. Through the first four weeks of the season, they've conceded the second-highest number of points in the NFL and the third-highest amount of yards. However they've also given up the least amount of buy Madden nfl 22 coins yards. Bills have allowed the fewest points in the NFL this season (just 11 points per game) and have outscored their past three opponents by a score of 118-21. The Bills have also managed to pitch two shutouts within the first four weeks. This is almost unheard of in NFL history.