From the point of view of use, the servo motor is mainly responsible for the feed of the machine tool, so that the workpiece moves to the tool or the tool moves to the workpiece, which is mainly to realize the cutting work, which requires relatively high torque and control accuracy; and the spindle motor is mainly responsible for driving the machine The main shaft drives the workpiece or the tool head to rotate and has high requirements for constant power characteristic output, which can meet the sufficient torque output capacity at different speeds. Therefore, when designing, these two kinds of motors will make specific parameter optimization according to their application requirements.

The design focus of machine tool spindle motor:

  1. Sufficient output power: The spindle load properties of CNC machine tools are similar to "constant power", that is when the motor spindle speed of the machine tool is high, the output torque is small; when the spindle speed is low, the output torque is large, ensuring different The spindle can have enough driving power under working conditions. That is, the spindle drive device (spindle motor) is required to have a "constant power" characteristic output curve;
  2. Speed ​​adjustment range: In order to ensure that the CNC machine tool is suitable for various cutting tools and processing materials, and suitable for various processing techniques, the spindle motor is required to have a certain speed adjustment range. But the requirement for the spindle is lower than the feed;
  3. Speed ​​accuracy: The static difference is generally required to be less than 5%, and the higher requirement is less than 1%;
  4. Fast speed: The spindle drive device is sometimes used for positioning function, which requires it to also have a certain speed.

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