Flat Head Screws
The flat head screw features a flat bearing surface that sits flush with the surface of the material it is binding. This design provides a clean, finished appearance. Flat head screws can be countersunk (with a conical undercut) or non-countersunk. Typically, they require a countersunk hole to ensure proper fastening.

John explains that these types of screw are ideal for woodworking projects like furniture assembly and cabinetry. They are also a great choice for any type of work that involves wood. These screws have a phillips drive, meaning they can accept large amounts of torque without stripping the head or driving it out of the screwdriver head (known as cam-out).

There are several types of flat head screws available, depending on your specific application. Some of the more common options are listed below:

Oval Head - Similar to flat head but with an oval section added on top for a decorative look. This type of head is usually used as a finishing screw in woodworking.

Trim Head - The narrowest of the flat head screw options. This head is useful when you want a more compact head that still offers a good amount of bearing surface.

Other types of flat head screws include pan head, hex drive, and star drive. These heads have a slightly rounded profile that makes them easier to grip with a screwdriver. They are used in a variety of applications and can be countersunk or raised. Flat Head Screws