1. Silicone love dollscan bring you pleasure and the release of desire, but it does not mean that they are only used for masturbation. In fact, many “masturbation” toys can reach 1 if two people interact and play together. The reason for the effect of +1>2 is that many people mistakenly believe that sex toys are only for masturbation or are a little embarrassed to use them to interact with each other. This situation exists objectively, but based on observation and analysis from industry experience, more and more people have realized the importance of “icing on the cake” and “helping in times of need”. I am very relieved, hahaha.
    2. Of course, although it is 2023, we have to admit that the largest proportion of people still think that using anything other than condoms is “irregular”, “dirty”, “unnecessary”, “fancy”, Thoughts like “Are you disrespecting me?” I have nothing to say about this, just respect and blessings. There are so many people in this world, all kinds of opinions will exist, all kinds of things will happen, and some people will choose every path, which is normal.
    3. Maintain your curiosity. Don’t be satisfied with just one-third of an acre of land just because life and work are stressful. Life and the world are very rich. See and discover more, and please never give up the freshness of this world at any time.
    4. We all only come to this world once, so try to experience as much as possible. Don’t wrong yourself and be happy is the right thing to do.
    5. Based on my many years of evaluation experience, another hidden function of supplies is: “Only you can give me this feeling.” This is great.
    6. No matter how you look at it or choose it, I wish you happiness~
  2. Anyways, you can choose life sized sex doll and torso love doll to bring your first shopping.