VSI6X sand making machine is a new kind of sand making machine. It introduces a new design concept of crushing chamber, increases the deep chamber design, and the crushing principle of the combination of stone and iron. The VSI6X sand making machine has both sand making and shaping effects, and has a very good effect on sand making of high hardness stones. How much is its price? Is there any manufacturer's recommendation? This paper introduces it in detail.

1、 Introduction to parameters and performance of vsi6x sand making machine

Feed particle size: 0-50mm

Production capacity: [sand making throughput] 344-368 T / h [shaping throughput] 413-442 T / h

Spindle speed (R / min): 1000-1300

Host power (kw): 250 × 2

Overall dimension (mm): 5500×2750×3950

Applicable materials: granite, quartz, basalt, river pebble, limestone, dolomite, etc

Performance advantages of sand making machine:

1. High crushing efficiency

The design of deep cavity rotor has large throughput and its working efficiency is about one third higher than that of similar equipment. It adopts high wear-resistant materials and has reasonable design, which reduces the friction between wear-resistant parts, reduces the maintenance cost of users and improves the production efficiency.

2. Excellent quality of finished products

With the combination of stone beating stone and stone beating iron crushing chamber, the particle size and gradation of finished products can be adjusted at any time. The products are cubic, with large bulk density and strong bearing capacity. The sand production rate and sand production quality are better than other sand making equipment.

3. Lower use and maintenance costs

Vsi6x series vertical shaft impact crusher optimizes the structure and process of impeller and other parts. Compared with previous equipment under the same service conditions, the service life of key vulnerable parts is increased by 30% - 200%; Simple lifting device is configured. During equipment maintenance, there is no need to add additional large lifting equipment for impeller and bearing barrel lifting, which greatly reduces the difficulty of equipment maintenance.

4. Advanced performance, energy saving and environmental protection

The working noise of the vertical shaft impact crusher is lower than 75 dB, with less dust pollution. At the same time, it is equipped with an automatic detection system. In case of abnormality during operation, the alarm device will be started. In serious cases, the equipment will automatically stop to protect itself.

2、 How much is vsi6x sand making machine?

How much is vsi6x sand making machine? The quotation of each manufacturer is different, and with the change of market conditions such as raw materials, the equipment price of the same manufacturer will fluctuate. Specifically, you can directly consult the customer service of the manufacturer to obtain the quotation in combination with the comprehensive investigation of equipment quality, process and performance.