Sometimes household elevators may experience excessive noise during operation. If measures are not taken in time to solve them, it will lead to a crisis of elevator failure. Passenger Elevator Manufacturers introduced two reasons for excessive elevator running noise:

1. The quality of home elevators is poor, and home elevators are widely used, and there are more and more elevator manufacturers, among which there will be some low-quality elevator manufacturers. Some people choose low-quality home elevators in order to save costs, resulting in excessive noise during the operation of the elevators.

2. There is an error in the installation of the home elevator, and the installation of the home elevator has a great influence on the later operation, so it is key to pay attention to the quality of the elevator installation. However, some home elevators have problems in the installation process, resulting in excessive noise during the later operation of the elevator, and sometimes the elevator door will make noise when opening and closing. You should contact Chongqing Migao Elevator for troubleshooting in time.

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