The footwear industry as a whole New Jordan  has invested innovative efforts in sustainable development and waste reduction. Footwear brands no longer pay attention to fancy decorations, but pay more attention to reducing carbon footprint, excess materials and overall labor demand. Although it is far from achieving zero waste, we have seen our favorite logo use secret methods, such as the basic elements of the "Next Nature" series, and external methods, such as "Dunk Low Scrap", to give full play to creativity. Dunk Low Scrap seems to achieve this repurposed look because it captures Dunk's silhouette through the use of debris that is usually discarded on the factory floor. Random materials and coverings bring DIY aesthetics to it, which is a trend that has developed hand in hand with the sustainability movement of the past few years. This new style has many colors to choose from, and now it adds a classic black/gum look, adding some subtle colors through heavy embroidery and floating pieces on the lace collar.

In the past two quarters, Nike ACG's product line has been outstanding. While Sneakerheads2020 fans are still fascinated by the nostalgic nature of the ACG series, modern footwear lovers absolutely love the strong technological clothing aesthetics embodied in ACG Mountain Fly, Antarktik and other shoe models. The former will return to FW21 with this new "clay green" after the launch of three introductory color schemes in 2020, which is a common retro and contemporary ACG color logo. The soft natural tones are decorated with GORE-TEX to protect the nylon upper and the rubber outsole to dig upwards. Black tape and elastic bands cover the ankles, and the inner boots and pull tabs are covered in a matching manner. The only contrast is the bright pink stretch thread and the nylon upper reflector.

Five years ago, the outlook of the sports shoe market was very different from now. Pharrell Williams' Adidas NMD Hu sports shoes swept the "Holy Grail" list,New Release Yeezy and the aftermarket price easily reached Three times the retail price. Although this Virginian’s flagship three-striped car is still being hyped, its heyday has undoubtedly passed. However, this newly-appearing combination raises a question: "What could it have been?" It is no secret that Kanye West has been a big-name partner of Adidas for most of the past ten years. However, Williams also helped to promote the products of the clover brand to the public during the same period. If this upcoming sneaker is released four or five years ago, it may cause confusion on social media. Although it will still sell out, its cultural influence and resale price will definitely be lower than the Skateboard P NMD model. Peak period. Wearing a simple grayscale Primeknit upper, the detail on the shoe name is that the astronaut's head is printed on the forefoot; the same pattern (appeared on the BBC t-shirt for many years) has also appeared on the upper of the left foot, indicating this Special release.

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