From getting your company name approved by the ACRA to scouting for local Directors, Corporate Secretaries, or a Singapore address, we can help you in Singapore company registration process and launch your business from scratch with just $1 paid up capital requirements.
If you’re in India and looking for a break from its heavy-handed ‘inspector-license-raj’ and convoluted taxes, Singapore is the right place to incorporate your company. Why, you might ask?
For one thing, corporate taxes in India are still at 30% for big-bracket-earners while corporate taxes in Singapore are just 17%.
Top that with 0% Capital Gains Taxes (15-20% in India)
0% taxes on Dividend Distribution (now disguised as 10% TDS on dividend income)

How to Register a Company in Singapore

The Registration Process for a Singapore Company at a Glance
Choose your Company Name
Choose your Company Type
Decide on a Financial Year End

After company registration in Singapore, there is a requirement of appointing a qualified company secretary within six months of incorporation under section 171 of the Singapore Companies Act. Only a natural person living in Singapore is eligible to become a company secretary in Singapore whereas a sole director or shareholder is not eligible.