The barite ore grinding plant commissioning must be completed by the commissioning team, and equipped with corresponding professional technicians such as instruments, electrical appliances and equipment, as well as fitter, plumber, electric welding, electrical appliances and other relevant staff to participate in the commissioning task, so as to fulfill their respective responsibilities and obey the command.

After the barite ore grinding plant idles for the specified time, stop the barite ore grinding plant, carefully check all working parts, tighten the lining plate bolts and eliminate the defects found. After there is no problem with the barite ore grinding plant idling, the load test run can be carried out.

Clean up sundries inside the barite ore grinding plant and ensure that rotating parts do not collide with each other. There are good protective measures for the inlet and outlet shafts of each coupling. 

After starting the barite ore grinding plant, ensure that there are no people standing on both sides of the equipment. Carefully check the cooling system of high-low lubrication station and main bearing, and ensure normal operation through test.