Why do we Need to Package Products in Series?

We can often see that the packaging design of the same product is very similar. Some of the colors have changed, some of the text and graphic content and position have changed, and the size and position of the trademark have changed. The packaging of these commodities showed subtle changes in the overall appearance, and they formed a series. This can not only increase the visibility of the company but also enhance the competitiveness of the product.

Due to the rapid development of modern commodity production, the variety of similar commodities is increasing day by day, and the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce. The single commodity image is impacted, diluted, and overwhelmed by the dazzling variety of commodities.

The series of packaging products appear on the shelves as a group image, occupy a large area, have a good overall effect, have a strong visual impact, and form a powerful visual system that can better enhance people’s attention to this product. It is conducive to establishing the overall image and credibility of the products of the enterprise group.

At the same time, because serialized packaging has repeatedly appeared in a unified image, the classification is clear, and the identification is strong so that consumers have a relatively deep impression of the brand name, trademark, and image of the product. Successfully establishing an enterprise's brand image is conducive to the creation of famous brands and market competition.

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