Shaded Pole Motor are widely used, even more than other motors, and our daily household appliances will be used. Then why do household appliances generally use shaded pole motors? Let's analyze them.

On the one hand, for the sake of saving energy and resources, shaded pole motors are gradually applied to various household appliances. Covered-pole motor has the advantages of simple structure, reliable operation, low price, low noise and no radio interference. It is widely used in household appliances to drive ventilator loads, such as electric fans, hairdryers and electric appliances. It belongs to a large class of products with divided horsepower motors.

With the revitalization of China's household electrical appliance industry, it has wide market potential and should be a promising product. Production Status of Shaded Pole Motor for Domestic Household Appliances According to rough statistics, the output of Shaded Pole Motor in China in recent two years can reach more than 2 million units per year.

Knowing these policies and advantages, we need to know how they work, so that we can better understand them.

The shaded pole motor is an AC single-phase induction motor. The auxiliary winding is composed of the copper ring, which is called a shaded pole coil. The current in the coil delays the phase of magnetic flux at the magnetic pole, so as to provide a rotating magnetic field. The rotating direction is from a non-shaded pole to a shaded pole ring.

The design of the shaded pole coil (ring) makes the axis of the magnetic pole deviate from the axis of the main pole. The magnetic field coil and the additional shaded pole coil generate a weak rotating magnetic field. When the stator is energized, the magnetic flux of the magnetic pole body generates a voltage in the shield coil, which acts as the secondary winding of the transformer. The current in the secondary winding of the transformer is not synchronized with the current in the primary winding, and the magnetic flux of the shielded pole is not synchronized with the magnetic flux of the main pole.

In the shaded pole motor, the rotor is placed in a simple C core, and half of each magnetic pole is covered by a shaded pole coil. When an alternating current passes through the power supply coil, pulsating magnetic flux will be generated. When the magnetic flux passes through the shading coil changes, voltage and current will be induced in the shaded coil, which corresponds to the change of magnetic flux from the power coil. Therefore, the magnetic flux under the shaded pole coil lags behind the magnetic flux of the rest of the coil. A small rotation is generated in the magnetic flux by the rotor so that the rotor rotates.

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