In New Leaf I needed to Animal Crossing Items save up money by grinding for bells to get a fountain, that's the only works job I could have at a time. In NH to get myself a fountain that I have the materials and created it in 1 day. I don't think the old games had as many goals as you assert compared to NH. The games have always been about collecting and decorating over all else.

Not merely has NL more goals to work towards, it even has better unlock development than NH does. I also never said the games weren't about self expression and decorating, you just had a lot more things to do on the side in NL while you decorated whereas you simply decorate for the fun of it at NH. In NL you are pretty much constantly unlocking something, make it a brand new store update, collecting signs for your club, getting money to expand the memorial or build the Café and eventually collecting clothes to pass the trend evaluation to unlock the multi level shop, which is pretty much the end goal. Even with a perfect city has a nice payoff by having the capability to customize the town hall and make it match your cities theme. Nothing of the kind is available in New Horizons.

Sounds like NH just makes you unlock things more. NL wasn't some super goal oriented sport just like you claim. The Majority of the stuff you mentioned is related to aesthetics anyhow

If Nintendo had communicated the match would dramatically lack content that even the gamecube AC had I don't believe the"backlash" would've been as large as it is.

The sport objectively has a ridiculous quantity of content compared to the GC AC. I swear folks in this thread are off their rocker.

If someone is tired of NH at the 50 hour mark, I actually don't really believe they were putting 500Seriously; I Moved back to the GameCube version (That I never Possessed ) and intentionally pissed off Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells for sale Resetti just because his writing was on fucking Stage