Each pearl provides the vibrational quality of the Heart Intelligence in control of the development of the consciousness and form of the animal/plant species designated to it. Unlike consuming dog meat and elements, close and normal experience of pet and plant pearls have a therapeutic influence upon our human anatomy and mind and raises our energy-frequency, helping people to transportation into a higher consciousness-level, awareness our spiritual senses. Most owners of magickal pearls just look with their bodily effect--the true value of a mustika is based on what it can perform for one's spiritual evolution.

In alchemy, the practitioner could seek approaches to transmute bottom metals in to silver and to obtain the philosopher's rock, and the rock of various substances. Nature, the great alchemist, provides animal and place rocks in her lab underneath the appropriate problems identified at provide and then Her; we're blessed that these stones can be found for healing a few of the psychological and bodily ills that we continually suffe rสัตว์ป่า

Mustikas are Nature's services and products and can be found in a variety of designs and dimensions as referred to before. Mustikas of exactly the same animal or plant-life may change in variety, shade, measurement, etc. The form might be written by the lapidary, though generally the first outline is closely followed in the tumbling and polishing process. The purpose is that the genuineness of a mustika cannot be evaluated by their look alone--but by occult detection. Nevertheless, mustikas do get large vibrational characteristics that a lot of low-caliber psychics toxicated with egoic-debris cannot detect.

Not detecting these they might articulate a magickal gem to be always a fake.Mustikas within their original state have a tough structure and needs tumbling and polishing to bring out their true beauty. Lapidaries tend to be astonished with these mustikas. One fellow said the strangeness of the pearls--normally, tumbling and polishing five standard rocks gives him number tender problem.

But only polishing one of these mustikas makes his supply pain all over--and yet, they are probably number tougher than the typical agate stone--some are actually brittle. Being unsure of the origin of these pearls, then suggested that they need to be enchanted. Indeed! An additional distress was when he found that one of them changed color when it was submerged in water. This is very interesting as most magickal pearls do have uncommon bodily characteristics.