Mamba Moments - The passing of Kobe Bryant was shocking and incredibly sad. It was tragic in every way nba 2k22 mt coins. Kobe is likely to appear involved in NBA 2K21 in a way. I'm intrigued by the idea of game mode, where players have to try and replicate some of Bryant's most important events on the court.

It would be fitting to Bryant. The player is able to explore Bryant's most significant moments, and also learn more about his background. NBA 2K has previously had an 'Moments' mode that featured Shaquille O'Neal as well as Michael Jordan. It's now time for Kobe to receive the same treatment.

Rebalance Archetype Systems - I was enthralled by the archetype concept when it first became available. This would permit the creation of more unique designs, and reduce the chance of the game becoming unstable because of overpowered MyPlayers. It was a perfect solution to a long-standing problem in the community.

The archetype system is not fulfilling its primary purpose. The game remains unbalanced as I believe that the prevalence of overpowered builds is higher today than in the past. 2K hasn't been able to control each build's weaknesses and strengths. This is the primary problem buy mt nba 2k22. A player with a height of 7 feet and 270lbs shouldn't be able to beat a guard in the transition.