Geelong Solar Panel providers and installation companies get this question a lot, which is why this blog would answer it once and for all.

The amount of Residential Solar Geelong installation has increased tremendously in recent times; it is like a boom. Everyone is getting gaga over making the most out of solar energy, and that sounds great. Just like every other appliance that people get to make the home more efficient and easier to live and do all the tasks, solar panels today have become one such energy appliance that produces energy sufficient enough to continuously power your home.

Apart from being energy efficient, they are good from the economic point of view too, especially for powering big spaces like the business, commercial or industrial spaces.

But with it comes the highlighted circumstances are the solar panels and their efficiency in winter.

Well, for starters, it is a MISCONCEPTION that the solar panels show low efficiency in the winter.

It is not like there would be no sun in winter at all, is it?

The source of solar panel functioning is the sunlight, and that would be there until the sun stops burning or the earth stops revolving around it! Well, if you think that the winter days are shorter than the summers, it surely would provide you less time to harness the solar energy of the sun, but the overall performance of the solar panel is not affected.

It has nothing to do with the heat of the sun, which is kind, not available in the peak winter days.  

So, for all those who think that solar performance is low in the winter months, it is not. It drops by a certain percentage instead, which does not make much of a difference.

Further from an economic point of view, getting the solar panel installation in the winter is the best decision you would make. As per the sales statistics, the demand for solar panels is less in the winter months due to low energy utility and many more reasons. You would get a good cut in the prices and heft discount on installation service of the panels.

But if you complain about the solar panel performance when the solar panels are laden with snow, then this is not a considerate reason.

You can improve it by clearing anything that comes in the way of the solar panels and sunlight, whether it be trees or snow. Further, you can keep your energy usage in check and use the appliances that utilise this energy so that you balance the use and production of the energy.

Ohh, and yes, while north-facing solar panels produce the most solar electricity, east or west-facing panels can still produce a significant amount. This is especially true during the winter months when the sun is lower in the sky.

We would be glad if this could change the conception of Residential solar Geelong and its performance and installation during the winter months. Do not forget to get the solar panels installed by a reliable supplier.