Glutamine Premix Market: Outlook

Glutamine is an amino acid and exists in two forms i.e. L- glutamine and D-glutamine. L-glutamine is considered as an important form and is produced naturally in the body and also found in various foods such as spinach, beans, lentils, chicken, fish and other dairy products. It is useful for keeping the intestinal cell healthy and keeps the intracellular connections of intestine strong. Premix is used to enrich products with vitamins, minerals, nucleotides to enhance product formulate. Premix is growing in demand as one can use a single product instead of adding multiple ingredients. The growing trend for bodybuilding and raising awareness for a healthy lifestyle and therefore the demand for protein supplements is rising. In the global food and beverage industry, the market for glutamine premix is expected to rise due to the growing demand for processed food and ready to drink beverages with improvised nutrient content. There are times when the need for glutamine is greater in the body than it can produce and therefore its demand as dietary supplements are expected to grow over the forecast period. Glutamine premix demand is growing in pet food especially for dogs, as it keeps them well hydrated, healthy and improves their performance. 

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Increasing Application of Glutamine Is Expected to Boost the Market for Glutamine Premix

Glutamine prevents muscle breakdown and improves athletic performance as it speeds up post-exercise recovery as it is easily soluble and absorbed faster, stimulating protein synthesis. Glutamine also boosts the faster recovery of muscle after a heavy workout. Glutamine supplement helps in restoring the glutamine content in blood depleted due to intense training. It fortifies the immune system so that the body is not affected due to extreme dieting and intense training. Glutamine is a critical source for immune cells including white blood cells. The function of the immune system can be compromised when an insufficient amount of glutamine is available.  During injury and illness, the glutamine is useful for faster recovery, the use of glutamine premix is more preferable as it contains other essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Various studies report that glutamine supplements improve health, decrease infections and are helpful in recovery after surgery. Research studies also suggest the use of glutamine supplements improve immune function and protects against infections of bacteria and viruses in animals.  The intestine is the major part of the immune system and glutamine is an energy source for intestinal cells. The glutamine helps in maintaining the barrier between the rest of the body cells and intestines and aids the proper growth of intestinal cells.

Glutamine Premix Market: Key Players

The key players operating in Glutamine Premix market are The Limited, Trec Nutrition Sp., West-Coast Pharmaceutical Works Ltd., Optimum Nutrition, Vitablend Nederland B.V. and MSM Retail Pvt Ltd.

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Glutamine Premix Market Opportunities

The manufacturers of glutamine premix are coming up with products which are added with natural flavors for better tasting. The manufacturers of ready to drinks, tea, coffee and other dairy drinks are adding glutamine premix to their products for enhancing its nutrient content. Various detox recipes are widely using glutamine premix as it improves cellular metabolism and cellular detoxification. The manufactures of premix are also providing customizable premix as per the individual requirement which is boosting the market of glutamine premix and more market participants are expected to enter the market. The rising demand for health supplements is creating a huge opportunity for the manufacturers of dietary supplements, nutraceuticals and others. The increasing per capita income in the Asia Pacific has led the population to opt for high range healthy products, which again provide a good opportunity for the manufacturers to add glutamine premixes in their production line. The increasing awareness among the population for healthy living is also expected to contribute to the growth of glutamine premix market over the forecast period.