Salon business can prove to be a tricky one. There are so many things that need to be put in place right from the decor to the products to accessories and the team of therapists and beauticians. So depending on the scale you want to operate long-term, the services you want to provide and the clientele you have, you must identify the essential salon accessories  and salon furniture that you cannot do without. Gradually as the business picks and the market starts responding, you can keep enhancing and upgrading your salon with latest accessories.

So, here is a list of salon accessories and salon furniture that you must have during the initial days of your salon business.

  1. Hot & cold steamer
  2. Barber chair
  3. Foot rest
  4. Facial trolley
  5. Hair colour trolley
  6. Multi-purpose tool
  7. Styling salon chair
  8. Hair wash station
  9. Portable pedicure equipment
  10. Facial bed

So the above list curates the must haves while you are launching a salon. One of the key things is to take note is that market research is for utmost importance. Going overboard with salon furniture is not an option because salon business is not just about the decor and equipment but more about the quality of the service. So choose your furniture keeping in mind the comfort aspect, durability and customer service offered by the brand.

Here are some of the best practices that you can adhere to while procuring the best accessories and salon furniture for your salon

  1. Check the comfort and protection offered by the furniture- Comfort and protection of the client are of paramount importance. A single piece of salon furniture would serve multiple clients and therefore, carefully make that investment understanding the durability, spine support and level of maintenance required.
  2. Buy from a quality supplier- Do your market research and find out a supplier of repute. Avoid settling for lesser price and discounts to ensure that you do not compromise on any feature.
  3. Buy stuffs that is mandatory initially- Avoid falling into the trap of having everything right from the start. Investing in salon furniture and salon accessories can be costly affair. The supplier market will lure you to explore all possible products but you will have to use your discretion to invest in what you believe would serve you best.