The water steam fireplaces can truly replace traditional fireplaces, and water steam fireplaces have unparalleled advantages. In particular, they can overcome the main limitations encountered in the installation, operation and maintenance of fireplaces that use wood or natural gas. 


How does a water steam fireplace work?


The water steam fireplace is a subtle mixture of three components, namely ultra-fine water mist, colored LED light and different air pressures created to obtain such a realistic and true color flame.


The ultrasonic waves generated by the "transducer" (or atomizer) are mechanical waves, which vibrate the water and convert it into ultra-fine water mist. This water mist is propelled in several ways, without using convection heating, into the specially installed pipes of the water steam fireplace. Then, it disperses into the surrounding air and is illuminated by different types of LEDs.


What are the advantages of a water steam fireplace?


How does a water steam fireplace work? Now, we understand the technical principles of operation, but what advantages does it have compared to other appliances?

water steam fireplace


The water steam fireplace is 100% safe


First of all, we can say that the 3D water steam fireplace is completely safe. In fact, the flame is cold, so there is no danger. It is also the preferred fireplace for places where the public is received (fireplaces in hotels, restaurants, businesses, etc.).


 It is also an ideal fireplace for apartments in buildings where the safety regulations do not allow any hot flames. It is also an ideal fireplace for families with children who do not want to risk any fire.


<span "="">2. Modern fireplaces with no restrictions on water steam fireplaces


Secondly, we want to talk about the simplicity of 3D embedded installation, operation and maintenance. This water steam fireplace has no restrictions and only consumes tap water. This is a very important advantage when you think about the difficulties of using fossil fuels.


On the other hand, it is a modern fireplace with high-tech controllers: remote controls, applications, buttons on the device, external controls (dry contacts for home automation applications), etc.


3. The water steam fireplace is an ecological fireplace


We can really talk about ecological fireplaces in various meanings of the word. First, it only uses water. Then the water steam fireplace will not produce any harmful combustion gases. water steam fireplaces will not produce uncomfortable odors (aromatic compounds related to combustion), carbon monoxide or other polluting combustion residues. 


When the room is heated too dry, the embedded water steam fireplace also has a slightly humidified effect, which is conducive to comfortable breathing.


4. The economy of water steam fireplace


Of course, the purchase price of a water steam fireplace is comparable to that of a traditional fireplace. It is important to realize that its operating cost is effectively zero. This is a huge difference, making water steam fireplaces the most economical equipment in terms of annual operating costs. We can ignite fires that use tap water without hesitation.

The above is an introduction to the working principle of the water steam fireplace and the advantages of the water steam fireplace. The water steam fireplace can truly replace the traditional fireplace. In real life, the application of the water steam fireplace is very wide.

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