The New World gold exploit is entirely caused by the New World server transfer function. When players change servers, some players will encounter a New World error code called Character_Persist_Failure. If the player receives this error code, it means that the New World Coins player's character cannot move forward and will always roll back to where they joined their new home.

If the player receives this error, their character will automatically revert to the time they joined the server upon exit. This means that any character progress will be immediately denied, making it impossible to broadcast to the affected person. However, players can still play. As a result, players are using it to send money to friends who are on the same server as them, log out and log back in to find that their money has been returned, which inflate the economy.

In addition, players can publish items on sales orders, which is basically a resource reserve of duplicate servers. This completely breaks the rules of the game, and those winners have a very unfair advantage. Fortunately, in New World ToS, any exploit is considered to be punished. Therefore, if the player is found to be conducting a New World gold spoofing attack, the player will be punished, especially because it is easy to Buy New World Coins determine whether this is a malicious activity.

If the player encounters this problem, we recommend that the player stay away from the character. For now, Amazon Games is aware of this problem and is actively working to resolve it. CM manager Tosch has issued a warning to players because this is a major exploit. If you are one of the players who stumbled upon it, be prepared to file an appeal for the injunction just in case. If you use it maliciously, Amazon will most likely find it and punish you based on its severity.

New World Coins

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