The main question posed by a good half of Apple Watch buyers. Like many others, I was very doubtful before buying, reviewed dozens of reviews, re-read dozens of articles. Everyone had different opinions, but everyone's short conclusion was that the Apple Watch is definitely a cool thing, but probably not for that kind of money. That is, of course, smart watches perform all the declared functions, everything is beautiful and convenient - but initially you expect something more from them or something .. and what exactly is unclear rather an assistant and functional accessory. Some of the people who bought themselves an Apple Watch stopped using it after a few months.

You get used to smartwatches very quickly and when you wake up in the morning, the first thing your hand reaches out for is the clock. During the day, they will allow you not to miss important notifications, and in the car you can easily turn on music or answer a call without touching the phone at all.

Brief conclusion on buying an Apple Watch.
If you lead an active lifestyle, constantly on the move, receive dozens or hundreds of notifications and emails a day - take Apple Watch and your life can become a little more productive. Well, if you read mail only once a day, you don’t know what viber or whatsapp is and you practically don’t have important calls - you can consider Apple Watch only as a beautiful accessory ...

Would I buy an Apple Watch now?
The answer is more yes than no. Now I am so used to them that without the Apple Watch I would feel like a person who has forgotten his smartphone at home. I want to sell my old watch and buy a newer model. I think this site will help me. What do you think is the 7 Series worth buying?