The Mahindra 575 DI hails from the well-known tractor manufacturing company, Mahindra. This robust tractor boasts 45 HP, 39.79 HP Pto, 1900 rpm, a 2730 CC Displacement engine, an 8 Forward + 2 Reverse Gearbox, and various other impressive features, solidifying its position as one of the most adored and top-selling tractors in its class. What sets the Mahindra 575 DI apart is its fuel-efficient engine, engineered to excel in various applications. Beyond its functional prowess, this tractor sports a groundbreaking design that turns heads and ensures outstanding performance across diverse terrains. Mahindra has thoughtfully priced the Mahindra 575 DI to ensure it's within reach for all those who require it. Recognizing that tractors are an essential tool for farmers, its affordability is a testament to Mahindra's commitment to making quality tractors accessible to all. The Mahindra 575 DI HP is Rs. 6.65-6.95 Lacs*, making it an economical choice without compromising on efficiency and performance.